Dr. Andrew Breiman

Dr. Breiman graduated from the New York University School of Medicine in 1975. He works in Westchester County, NY and specializes in Dentistry and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery.

Dr. Kriti Sood, DDS

Dr. Kriti Sood holds degrees from the University of Miami and Columbia University College of Dental Medicine. She focuses on patient care and enjoys dancing, exploring cultures, and family time.

Dr. Ali Hedayati

Drawing upon nearly four decades of experience, Dr. Ali Hedayati stands as a seasoned expert in perfecting smiles, specializing in periodontics, implant dentistry, and oral surgery. His dedication to excellence is exemplified by the three additional years of specialized training he completed after dental school, solidifying his expertise in maintaining optimal gum health and proficiently addressing the removal and replacement of missing teeth.

Dr. Daphne Benedit

Dr. Daphne Benedit is a general and cosmetic dentist originally from Honduras. In 2013, she earned her Doctorate of Dental Surgery, and her career continued with the successful completion of an Advanced Education in General Dentistry Program at Columbia University and a General Practice Residency with New York Medical College.

Dr. Shay Markovitch

An Israeli-born dentist and married with three children, Dr. Markovitch started his training in general and cosmetic dentistry over 20 years ago in Israel. He continued his training in the United States at Eastman Dental Center in Rochester, NY, as well as in countless continuing education courses on the latest advancements in dentistry. Always smiling and happy, Dr. Markovitch believes that informed patients are better prepared to make the right decision regarding their oral health and well-being, so he takes his time to make patients feel welcome and understand what options are available in modern dentistry.

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