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Composite Fillings

What are composite fillings?

Most people have had a filling at some point in their lives. The most common used is the silver amalgam. The dentist will usually recommend this treatment where decay can be removed to save a tooth, they will then insert a compound in there to protect the tooth structure that is remaining – this will also prevent further decay. Normally, silver amalgam was the most used material, but now dentists recommend and prefer to use composite fillings, also called cosmetic fillings. This is a common and more affordable option that is used in many cases where the damaged tooth is not easily visible. Cosmetic, white fillings, also known as onlays and inlays, take into account the appearance of the tooth and its visibility when the patient smiles.

Discuss options with your dentist, to determine the right choice for you.
May 30, 2024

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Best dentist ever. Very professional and friendly.

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Dr. Benedit and Shae(dental hygienist) were extremely thorough and knowledgable. 10/10 would recommend. Office manager is kind and straight to the point!!

Had a great visit, staff was very helpful and attentive. Dr.Benedit, Annette and Shay were all a great help, I would recommend them to anyone looking for a great dental office

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Everyone at the office was super friendly. The doctor and hygienist were very thorough. I would definitely recommend.

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Great experience

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What are the advantages of amalagalm fillings? 

The composition of silver amalgam fillings, include metals such as copper, mercury and tin. They are very strong and can last well over ten years or more with good brushing and flossing. Silver amalgam fillings are relatively inexpensive and covered by many insurance plans.

What are the dis-advantages of amalagalm fillings? 

Health concerns associated with metal fillings can influence a patient’s decision to opt for non-mercury alternatives. While it is understood that risks are low, patients believed to be at-risk or are sensitive to certain types of materials,would be advised to consult with a doctor before they proceed with any dental treatment.

What are the dis-advantages of cosmetic white fillings? 

White compound fillings achieve a polished, natural look, though are less durable than the less costly silver amalgam alternative. The technique of placing a white filling is more detailed and time-consuming than an amalgam filling, and the likelihood of sensitivity and recurrent decay increased. Discuss options with your dentist, to determine the right choice for you.

What happens when I get a filling? 

The affected tooth and surrounding area of the mouth will be numbed before the dentist begins treatment. Discuss any concerns or fears with the dentist, ahead of your appointment, to allay any anxieties you may have about the procedure. Once the decayed area of the tooth is removed painlessly with the drill, the cavity is filled with silver amalgam or white compound. Both are molded and smoothed to sit flush against the tooth’s surface. White fillings are polished to blend with the tooth.

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